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Explore Graber's exquisite range of traditional drapery, where expertly curated fabrics meet timeless designs, elevating personal tastes from classic to contemporary with unmatched elegance.

Unparalleled Elegance

Graber draperies are bold, distinctive, and crafted to be the centerpiece of any room. Beyond just being a window covering, they are a testament to personal style. With an extensive collection of premium fabrics—handpicked by experts—you'll find patterns, textures, and colors to complement every design aesthetic, be it classic charm or contemporary chic.

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Function Beyond Form


The draperies we offer are more than just stylish—they're efficient. They provide excellent insulation against sound, heat, and cold, ensuring your space remains comfortable.

Precision in Design

Meticulously crafted with features like mitered corners give them a structured look, and bottom weights guarantee they hang flawlessly.

Versatility in Choices

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A Style for Every Taste

Whatever your design preference, Graber has something for you. From valances and cornices to cascades and swags, we are able to offer a variety of options to elevate your interiors.

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Customized Just for You

Want something truly unique? Take advantage of the 'Customer’s Own Material' (C.O.M.) option. Provide us with your chosen fabric, and we'll turn it into a custom window treatment for you.

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Harmonious Coordination

To ensure a seamless look throughout your space, we offer a range of shared fabric assortments from Graber. Whether it's drapery or top treatments, achieving a coordinated design is effortless.

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Performance Drapery: Step outside in style

With the Graber Performance Drapery range, luxury isn't confined to the indoors.

These draperies are designed to elevate your outdoor spaces, combining both durability and aesthetics.